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Yoke/Thw Hardware Kit,Wood - 8023356

Mad River

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The Harmony Yoke and Thwart Hardware Kit contains the same hardware as used in the factory when canoes are assembled. The kit includes 4 sets of stainless steel screws, finish washers, flat washers, and lock nuts. Designed to install yokes without any tendency to "rock" or work loose. Appropriate for IQ2, IQ, aluminum (on Royalex) or wood rails. Fits most major brands (Mad River, Old Town, Wenonah, Etc...)

• Stainless steel is strong and corrosion resistant
• Screws won't work loose
• Same hardware used in the factory
• Order appropriate hardware for your gunwale, appropriate for IQ2, IQ, aluminum (on Royalex) or wood rails


  • 4) 10-24 x 1-1/4 Screws
  • (4) Lock Nuts
  • (4) Flat Washers
  • (4) Finish Washers