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Wilderness Systems Slidelock Foot Braces ( 9800813 )

Wilderness Systems

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About This Product:

  • Use as replacement parts for Wilderness Systems kayaks, or add to other kayaks that do not have foot pegs.
  • Best used for sit-in-side kayaks for easier adjustment of foot pegs. You do not have to reach far inside the cockpit to adjust for leg length. Handy for home built kayaks too.
  • Slidelock Foot Braces are common on recent model Wilderness Systems kayaks. 
  • Made of plastic and comes as a full kit, right and left foot braces, with screw bolts commonly used for mounting to sit-in-side kayaks. Track is 19 inches long, not including the adjustment wand.
  • Bolt holes are 14 5/8 inches on center, with additional holes along the length of the track that accommodate other sizes. 
  • Not for rudder foot controls.