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Wilderness Systems Premium Apex Carbon 2pc Adjustable Kayak Paddle

Wilderness Systems

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  • Exceptionally light Tarpon Paddle or Pungo paddle. Designed to preform.
  • Designed to deliver maximum boat control
  • With a simple flip of the low-profile lever, the Apex Angler paddle can be adjusted to fit virtually any fishing kayak and seat position.
  • Features a lightweight yet powerful mid-size foam core blade that works well in any type of water conditions
  • Delivers crisp, clean and flutter-free strokes without compromising power and efficiency
  • Works well with fishing kayaks from Wilderness Systems and other brands


  • Paddle Weight: 29.5 oz
  • Adjustable Size – 240cm base length expandable up to 260cm

About this product:

Known for tournament-winning fishing kayaks, Wilderness System now offers premium paddles for anglers.  The Apex Angler’s foam core blade with balanced dihedral delivers crisp, clean, and flutter-free strokes without compromising power and efficiency. Perfect for height-adjustable seating systems, Paddlers can customize both the length of the shaft (240cm to 260cm) and the degree of feathering with the simple flip of the lower-profile lever.  The Apex Angler Carbon also features a 0-36” measuring tape on the shaft to size up your catch.