Trailex - Freestan Canoe/Kayak4 - SUT-4CKR - Cedar Creek Outdoor Center

Trailex - Freestan Canoe/Kayak4 - SUT-4CKR


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  • Our stand-alone 4 boats all-aluminum style boat rack, will take boats up to 72 in wide, the crossbars are fully adjustable for hull depth.
  • Comes standard with cast aluminum feet and protective top vinyl caps.
  • Options are anchor brackets, casters, wood slide bunks, and vinyl padded inserts.
  • Our unique bolt construction allows for full adjustment and easy add-on options to accommodate any customer need.
  • Start with one box rack and add our SUT-4BRE extension module to create a limitless amount of custom boat storage.
  • Drop ships.

About This Product:

The free-standing rack for 4 boats. It is fully adjustable. Comes standard with protective vinyl on arms to protect boats, also vinyl feet to protect the floor. Perfect for retail display.