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Modular Fishing PodKit (Mod Pod) - 07.1995.0000

Ocean Kayak

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  • The Ocean Kayak Modular Fishing Pod hatch system provides easy access to your fishing rods and is loaded with tons of mounting options and a ruler...all easily accessible while seated in the boat.
  • This hatch is standard on the Ocean Kayak 2011 Trident Series kayaks.
  • The Modular Fishing Pod hatch kit will fit our older Ocean Kayak Prowler kayak models as well.
  • Please Note: This kit does not fit the Trident Ultra 4.7 which features a hinged hatch that flips over..


  • Fit all Tridents
  • Easy to install
  • 7 Rod mounting holes
  • 2 Tape measures
  • 2 Lure trays
  • Mounting holes for easy installing of gear