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Modular Fishing PodKit (Mod Pod - 07.1995.0000

Ocean Kayak

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The Ocean Kayak Modular Fishing Pod hatch system provides easy access to your fishing rods and is loaded with tons of mounting options and a ruler...all easily accessible while seated in the boat. This hatch is standard on the Ocean Kayak 2011 Trident Series kayaks. The Modular Fishing Pod hatch kit will fit our older Ocean Kayak Prowler kayak models as well. Please Note: This kit does not fit the Trident Ultra 4.7 which features a hinged hatch that flips over..

  • Fit all Tridents
  • Easy to install


  • 7 Rod mounting holes
  • 2 Tape measures
  • 2 Lure trays
  • Mounting holes for easy installing of gear