Grumman 15’ Sportboat ( 1550CSP-Natural ) - Cedar Creek Outdoor Center
Grumman 15’ Sportboat ( 1550CSP-Natural ) - Cedar Creek Outdoor Center

Grumman Canoe 15’ Sportboat - Iconic Aluminum Johnboat


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  • Length: 15 feet 3 inches
  • Width: 43 inches
  • Center Depth: 14 inches
  • Ribs: 10
  • Keel: Bulb T
  • Capacity: 450 Pounds
  • Weight: 122 Pounds
  • Motor Max Horsepower: 7 HP
  • Made from Aircraft Aluminum: Durable, reliable, and repairable.  All Grumman® Canoes are hand-crafted from a special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is substantially stronger than traditional alloys, giving it the power it needs to perform and last. Click here to learn more.

About This Product:

If you are looking for the most stable and durable square stern canoe capable of handling a 7HP motor, look no further. Aircraft-grade aluminum and added ribs make this boat maintenance-free, ultra-rigid, and extra sea-worthy for larger lakes and saltwater. You will find this our most stable square stern at 43 inches wide and featuring the Bulb T keel and hull design. Motor, row, and paddle the 3-in-1 Sportboat wherever adventure calls. Conquer the water.