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Canoe Contoured Ash Yoke 40in ( 8023354 )

Mad River

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  • Centers the canoe on your shoulders during carrying
  • Removes the weight from your neck
  • Contoured design offers more comfort and stability
  • Can be cut to length
  • Hardware sold separately
  • Item # : 9794
  • Length: 40 in / 101.6 cm
  • Wood Type: Ash
  • Material: Wood

About this product:

The Harmony Contoured Yoke provides comfort and stability making the task of portaging less of a chore. The dished center section fits your shoulders and removes weight from the back of your neck, transferring it to the tops of your shoulders. The yoke drapes over your shoulders, keeping the boat centered on the inevitable uphills and downhills encountered on the portage trail. Can be cut to length. Fits many popular brands ( Old Town, Mad River, Etc..)