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Kayak Bow & Stern Replacement Handles - Genuine Factory Wilderness Systems, Perception and Dagger

Wilderness Systems

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  • Sold in pairs
  • Fit most Wilderness Systems Tarpon and Pungo models built before 2020, plus many Dagger and Perception kayaks.
  • Hardware not included
  • Wilderness Systems Side handles with bungee also available at Wildy Side Handles.
  • Genuine Wilderness Systems replacement handles
  • Genuine Tarpon Replacement handles
  • Genuine Pungo Replacement handles
  • Genuine Dagger Replacement handles
  • Genuine Perception replacement handles

About This Product:

The Gear Kayak Carry Handles.... These Carry Handles are the Genuine manufacturers replacement side and end carry handles for many Wilderness Systems, Perception and Dagger kayaks. Highest quality. Fit bolt pattern between 5 - 8 Inches.